The United States Baseball League is a professional sports league consisting of 46 teams in two 2 conferences divided up into 2 divisions. It has been around since 1970 and has recently made a league expansion.

League Structure Edit

Western Conference
Pacific Division Midwest Division
Colorado Avalanche Arkansas Naturals
Arizona Cactus Texas Generals
Seattle Storm Houston Moon Pioneers
Los Angeles Bobcats Kansas City Lions
Los Angeles Stars Oklahoma City Thunder
Oakland Athletics Indianapolis Mavericks
San Francisco Steel San Antonio Alamos
Anaheim Rams Omaha Golden Spikes

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division

Southeast Division
Boston Braves Baltimore Wizards
Hartford Tigers Chicago Sox
New York Liberties Charlotte Hornets
New York Patriots Rome Romans
Philadelphia Americans Miami Sharks
Pittsburgh Pirates New Orleans Seawolves
Washington Senators St. Louis Redbirds
Detroit Racers Kentucky Stallions

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