This is a page documenting the ongoing title droughts of each USBL team to date.

Team Name Last Title
Colorado Avalanche 2056
Arizona Cactus 2089
Seattle Storm None
Los Angeles Bobcats 2078
Los Angeles Stars 2069 (as WIC)
Oakland Athletics 2071
San Francisco Steel 2022
Anaheim Rams 1998
Arkansas Naturals 2015
Texas Generals 2087
Houston Moon Pioneers 2074
Kansas City Lions 2068
Oklahoma City Thunder None
Indianapolis Chiefs 2060
San Antonio Alamos 2084
Omaha Golden Spikes None
Boston Braves 2067
Hartford Tigers 2040
New York Liberties 2018
New York Patriots 2081
Philadelphia Americans 2063
Pittsburgh Pirates 2070
Washington Senators 1987
Detroit Racers None
Baltimore Wizards 2072
Chicago Sox 2086
Charlotte Hornets 2066
Rome Romans 2046 (as NAS)
Miami Sharks 2079
New Orleans Seawolves 2082
St. Louis Redbirds 2085
Kentucky Stallions 2036 (as JAC)

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