This is a list documenting the historical winners of the USBL Series.

Number Year Winner Loser
I 1970 Los Angeles Bobcats New York Liberties
II 1971 San Francisco Steel Miami Sharks
III 1972 Cleveland Silver Sox San Francisco Steel
IV 1973 San Francisco Steel New York Liberties
V 1974 Cleveland Silver Sox San Francisco Steel
VI 1975 Kansas City Lions Baltimore Wizards
VII 1976 Houston Moon Pioneers Miami Sharks
VIII 1977 Houston Moon Pioneers Baltimore Wizards
IX 1978 Houston Moon Piooners New York Liberties
X 1979 Washington Senators Los Angeles Bobcats
XI 1980 Oakland Athletics Miami Sharks
XII 1981 Oakland Athletics Miami Sharks
XIII 1982 New Orleans Silver Sox Houston Moon Pioneers
XIV 1983 Oakland Athletics Washington Senators
XV 1984 Dallas Stars Baltimore Wizards
XVI 1985 San Antonio Alamos Charlotte Sox
XVII 1986 St. Louis Redbirds Kansas City Lions
XVIII 1987 Washington Senators San Antonio Alamos
XIX 1988 New Orleans Seawolves Oakland Athletics
XX 1989 Wichita Wheat Kings Pittsburgh Pirates
XXI 1990 Wichita Wheat Kings Baltimore Wizards
XXII 1991 Los Angeles Bobcats Baltimore Wizards
XXIII 1992 Kansas City Lions Chicago Sox
XXIV 1993 San Antonio Alamos Washington Senators
XXV 1994 Boston Braves Houston Moon Pioneers
XXVI 1995 San Francisco Steel Baltimore Wizards
XXVII 1996 Oakland Athletics Philadelphia Americans
XXVIII 1997 Brooklyn Comets San Francisco Steel
XXIX 1998 Anaheim Rams Boston Braves
XXX 1999 New York Patriots Kansas City Lions
XXXI 2000 Oakland Athletics Miami Sharks
XXXII 2001 Chicago Sox Houston Moon Pioneers
XXXIII 2002 New York Patriots Kansas City Lions
XXXIV 2003 Los Angeles Bobcats Chicago Sox
XXXV 2004 Houston Moon Pioneers New Orleans Seawolves
XXXVI 2005 Houston Moon Pioneers Miami Sharks
XXXVII 2006 Houston Moon Pioneers Philadelphia Americans
XXXVIII 2007 Houston Moon Pioneers St. Louis Redbirds
XXXIX 2008 Baltimore Wizards Dallas Rangers
XL 2009 Kansas City Lions New Orleans Seawolves
XLI 2010 Las Vegas Aces New Orleans Seawolves
XLII 2011 Philadelphia Americans Dallas Rangers
XLIII 2012 New York Liberties Los Angeles Bobcats
XLIV 2013 Miami Sharks Arkansas Naturals
XLV 2014 San Antonio Alamos New Orleans Seawolves
XLVI 2015 Arkansas Naturals New Orleans Seawolves
XLVII 2016 Chicago Sox Kansas City Lions
XLVIII 2017 New York Liberties Kansas City Lions
XLIX 2018 New York Liberties Oklahoma City Thunder
50 2019 Arizona Cactus Hampton Falls Apples
LI 2020 Denver Rock Cats New Orleans Seawolves
LII 2021 Kansas City Lions St. Louis Redbirds
LIII 2022 San Francisco Steel New Orleans Seawolves
LIV 2023 Los Angeles Bobcats Memphis Titans
LV 2024 San Antonio Alamos New York Patriots
LVI 2025 Los Angeles Stars St. Louis Redbirds
LVII 2026 Los Angeles Stars Philadelphia Americans
LVIII 2027 Kansas City Lions Miami Sharks
LIX 2028 Boston Braves Los Angeles Stars
LX 2029 Boston Braves Seattle Jets
LXI 2030 Chicago Sox Indianapolis Chiefs
LXII 2031 Boston Braves Kansas City Lions
LXIII 2032 Los Angeles Bobcats Chicago Sox
LXIV 2033 Boston Braves Indianapolis Chiefs
LXV 2034 Boston Braves Oakland Athletics
LXVI 2035 Oakland Athletics Jacksonville Devil Rays
LXVII 2036 Jacksonville Devil Rays Houston Moon Pioneers
LXVIII 2037 New Orleans Seawolves Oakland Athletics
LXIX 2038 Los Angeles Bobcats Jacksonville Devil Rays
LXX 2039 Hartford Tigers San Diego Chargers
LXXI 2040 Hartford Tigers Oklahoma City Thunder
LXXII 2041 San Diego Chargers Boston Braves
LXXIII 2042 Boston Braves Oakland Athletics
LXXIV 2043 San Diego Chargers St. Louis Redbirds
LXXV 2044 Chicago Sox San Diego Chargers
LXXVI 2045 Los Angeles Bobcats Chicago Sox
LXXVII 2046 Nashville Noise San Antonio Alamos
LXXVIII 2047 Boston Braves San Francisco Steel
LXXIX 2048 Kansas City Lions Boston Braves
LXXX 2049 Arkansas Veterans Philadelphia Americans
LXXXI 2050 Kansas City Lions New York Liberties
LXXXII 2051 Houston Moon Pioneers Virginia Colonials
LXXXIII 2052 St. Louis Redbirds Oklahoma City Thunder
LXXXIV 2053 Charlotte Hornets Colorado Avalanche
LXXXV 2054 Colorado Avalanche Chicago Sox
LXXXVI 2055 New York Patriots Houston Moon Pioneers
LXXXVII 2056 New York Patriots Kansas City Lions
LXXXVIII 2057 New York Patriots Kansas City Lions
LXXXIX 2058 New Orleans Seawolves Kansas City Lions
XC 2059 Chicago Sox Arizona Cactus
XCI 2060 Indianapolis Chiefs Charlotte Hornets
XCII 2061 Los Angeles Coyotes New York Patriots
XCIII 2062 Philadelphia Americans Oakland Athletics
XCIV 2063 Philadelphia Americans Oklahoma City Thunder
XCV 2064 Houston Moon Pioneers Philadelphia Americans
XCVI 2065 Miami Sharks Oklahoma City Thunder
XCVII 2066 Charlotte Hornets Houston Moon Pioneers
XCVIII 2067 Boston Braves Indianapolis Chiefs
XCIX 2068 Kansas City Lions Washington Senators
100 2069 Wichita Aeros Chicago Sox
CI 2070 Pittsburgh Pirates Los Angeles Bobcats
CII 2071 Oakland Athletics Miami Sharks
CIII 2072 Baltimore Wizards Los Angeles Bobcats
CIV 2073 Arizona Cactus Washington Senators
CV 2074 Houston Moon Pioneers St. Louis Redbirds
CVI 2075 St. Louis Redbirds San Antonio Alamos
CVII 2076 San Antonio Alamos Chicago Sox
CVIII 2077 Miami Sharks Texas Generals
CIX 2078 Los Angeles Bobcats Philadelphia Americans
CX 2079 Miami Sharks Kansas City Lions
CXI 2080 San Antonio Alamos Miami Sharks
CXII 2081 New York Patriots Omaha Golden Spikes
CXIII 2082 New Orleans Seawolves Anaheim Rams
CXIV 2083 Chicago Sox Los Angeles Bobcats
CXV 2084 San Antonio Alamos New York Liberties
CXVI 2085 St. Louis Redbirds Los Angeles Bobcats
CXVII 2086 Chicago Sox Arkansas Naturals
CXVIII 2087 Texas Generals Charlotte Hornets
CXIX 2088 Arizona Cactus Boston Braves

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