This is a page documenting each major United States city' current and/or former USBL teams in history.

#1 New York City, New York Edit

New York City is the largest USBL city in the USBL and currently houses the New York Liberties and New York Patriots franchises.

#2 Los Angeles, California Edit

Los Angeles is the second largest USBL city and currently houses the Los Angeles Bobcats and Los Angeles Coyotes. They were once home of the Los Angeles Stars who are now the Wichita Aeros.

#3 Chicago, Illinois Edit

Chicago has the storied Chicago Sox franchise which has been very successful in the USBL

#5 Dallas, Texas Edit

Dallas has had its only USBL team for a long time, It was originally known as the Dallas Stars, eventually it became the Dallas Rangers and then the Texas Generals.

#6 Houston, Texas Edit

Houston also has a storied Texas team in the name of the Houston Moon Pioneers, they have been extremely successful by winning 9 USBL titles in its franchise history.

#7 San Francisco, California and Oakland, California Edit

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area is lucky to have 2 teams next to each other, the San Francisco Steel and the Oakland Athletics

#8 Miami, Florida Edit

The Miami area still hosts the Miami Sharks, who remain the only Florida team in the USBL as of now.

#9 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Edit

Philadelphia still houses the Philadelphia Americans and are very storied

#11 Washington, D.C. Edit

Our nation's capital is still the home of the Washington Senators franchise

#12 Boston, Massachusetts Edit

Boston is also home to their storied franchise, the Boston Braves who have been competing with the Houston Moon Pioneers for most USBL Series titles.

#13 Phoenix, Arizona Edit

Phoenix has had its Cactus franchise for a century now, ever since the USBL was created and has had moderate success throughout its history

#16 Seattle, Washington Edit

Seattle is currently home to the revived Seattle Storm and got the history of the original Seattle Storm franchise back via the San Diego Chargers relocation controversy. Seattle has been home to 3 teams, the original Seattle Storm, Seattle Jets, and the new Seattle Storm franchise

#17 San Diego, California Edit

San Diego is currently the only USBL city to have a technical inactive franchise, the reasoning for this is the San Diego Chargers relocation controversy. San Diego had only team, the San Diego Chargers throughout the history of the USBL

#20 Denver, Colorado Edit

Denver has hosted two teams in the USBL, it currently hosts the Colorado Avalanche and previously hosted the Denver Rock Cats