Alabama Time spent
Alabama Sliders 2027-present
Arizona Time spent
Arizona Cactus 1970-present
Arkansas Time spent
Arkansas Naturals 2008-2025
California Time spent
Anaheim Angels 2008-2019
Anaheim Rams 1989-2007
Los Angeles Bobcats 1970-present
Los Angeles Stars 2011-present
Oakland Athletics 1970-present
San Diego Chargers 2026-present
San Francisco Steel 1970-present
Colorado Time spent
Denver Rock Cats 2015-2025
Connecticut Time spent
Hartford Tigers 2011-present
District of Columbia Time spent
Washington Senators 1970-present
Florida Time spent
Miami Sharks 1970-present
Orlando Juice 2020-present
Illinois Time spent
Chicago Sox 1992-present
Indiana Time spent
Indianapolis Chiefs 2026-present
Kansas Time spent
Wichita Wheat Kings 1980-1994
Wichita Wranglers 1995-2007
Louisiana Time spent
New Orleans Seawolves 1986-present
New Orleans Silver Sox 1981-1985
Maryland Time spent
Baltimore Wizards 1970-present
Massachusetts Time spent
Boston Braves 1980-present
Missouri Time spent
Kansas City Lions 1970-present
St. Louis Redbirds 1970-present
Nebraska Time spent
Omaha Tornadoes 2011-2026
Nevada Time spent
Las Vegas Aces 2008-2014
New York Time spent
Brooklyn Comets 1989-1997

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